How To Order

Hello from us!

We are an online shoppe based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, selling beautiful sleepwear and lingerie since 2011 in Facebook : Baju Tidur La Senora II. 

Now, we are here at this blog to give you a more freedom to shopping pleasure and excitement! Just click at a tab link at top of this page or at any picture on the right or left of this page and choose your favourite item(s).

Once you've made your selection, write down the Code(s) with other details i.e. color, size, etc onto a piece of paper. Then click to the "Order Form" tab above and fill up the form. Once you've completed the form, click the "Submit Form" button, just bellow it. Your order is on its way to our mail box. Just sit back...relax and wait for our response...

Easy, right?!

Please check your mail box or cellphone regularly. We will either reply your order via email or send you a text message using the SMS or Watsapp application. Once you received the message from us regarding the availability of the item(s), please reply to us and lock your order. We will reconfirm this order by giving you the total amount and request for you to make the full payment immediately. Please respond to this request within 2 hours to avoid dissappointment. 

Sure you don't want other customer to steal the item(s) from you, am I right? 
So, please make the payment a.s.a.p! 

Oh, by the way... For time being, we only deal with Malaysian customers. We will expand our business to other countries in this region, soon...hopefully!

This blog is open 24/7. However we only reply to your order at this stated day and time :

Monday - Friday : 9.30am-5.30pm
Saturday : 9.30am-2.30pm
Sunday & Public Holiday : CLOSED

No worries guys! You can always find us at FACEBOOK. Just type "Baju Tidur La Senora II" and you can interact with us any time and any day. If we are online, we will be happy to answer your question. 

If in the case that you did not get any response or reply from us within 24-48 hours after sending the Order Form, there is a possibility that your order did not reach us. Please contact us at:

Email :


(no phone calls please)

Whatsapp messages are also welcome.

Important reminder : Please read our terms and condition here.

Thank you & happy shopping!!!